What is MNAEA?

The Multimedia Newspaper Advertising Executives Association (MNAEA) was founded in 1917 and is the oldest newspaper Advertising Executives association in the country.  The objective of the organization is, through its members and the papers they represent, to promote newspaper advertising, idea sharing, networking, and to work together for the common good of the newspaper industry.

Membership is composed of up to 40 properly elected senior advertising leaders.  In the event a newspaper does not have a Vice President of Advertising, Advertising Director, or similar position, Publishers may be considered for membership if they have direct oversight for the advertising department.


Benefits of Membership

The benefits afforded members of MNAEA are priceless!  The key to the long-term success of MNAEA has been, and continues to be, member participation.  The organization meets each spring and fall for a full agenda of questions/answers/input, presentations from each newspapers and great networking events.  Attendance at these meetings is required.  Additionally, MNAEA members frequently ask questions of the group through the email network.  The discussion of specific advertising rates is prohibited unless they are rates that are published for public consumption.

Long-term business relationships, and personal friendships, often develop out of MNAEA.